Math examples and reference

In the process of working with my students, I will be publishing some of the examples and reference materials used.
The currently published materials are not formatted for printing. Printable versions will be provided as well when they become available.
Concise list of Natural, Integer, Rational, Irrational, Real number sets, basic, ordering, absolute value, fraction properties, order of operations
Printable sheet (use File/Download original in the Google docs screen to get the pdf version for easy printing)
Definitions and examples: Basic operations (addition and multiplication). Basic / axiomatic properties. Derived operations (substraction, division). Substraction and division / fractions properties. Number line. Order of operations.
Definitions and examples: term, degree of term and polynomial, like and unlike terms, simplifying, adding and substracting polynomials
Definitions and examples: Multiplication and factoring of polynomials. Common factoring / product forms
Linear functions, equations and inequalities
Quadratic functions, equations and inequalities
Definitions and examples: Natural, negative and rational exponents. Laws of exponents and radicals. Scientific notation
coming soon
coming soon